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We're all born with something dead inside us.
Our mind, our body, our soul.
As we grow we heal or we harden to the world. 
What would you do to stop yourself from being engulfed in it.
Do you drink, smoke, pray, fuck every person that's willing? 
What do you do?
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"Thank God it's Sunday", I thought as a opened the front doors and propped them open. It was the middle of July so it was sweltering outside but luckily there was a cool breeze and the house caught it just right. As I looked up at the sky grey clouds starting gathering. "Well", I thought,"Sheila is not gonna be happy about that." We were planning on surfing today since the ocean is about 30 feet from the house but I wouldn't chance it with bad weather coming in. I was really looking forward to surfing today. Business was in full bloom since it was the middle of summer and tourist were flocking to the surf shop. I hadn't had a day off in two weeks so today was long overdue. "Oh well, might as well start breakfast." I pulled out flour and milk to make pancakes and some fruit to chop to go with it. Halfway through mixing the batter I heard her stirring. "You know if you keep sleeping you're going to miss the pancakes I'm making." As soon as I shouted that I heard her feet hit the floor and saw her barreling toward the kitchen from the bedroom. "Did I hear something about pancakes?", She asked excitedly. "Yes you did, now do you want to help so I get done with them faster?", I asked knowing she would do anything just to get some. "What do you need done?", she asked in a curious tone," looks like you've got it pretty much covered." "You could cut up some fruit,"I said, pointing at the counter. "We've got a pineapple and a few strawberries." "Yes sir," she said with a giggle before pulling a knife out of the block and heading over to the fruit. I felt sorry for the fruit. She was really good with a knife which is why I was glad she was doing it. I enjoyed cooking but last time I used a knife I nearly cut my pinkie off. Just as Sheila finished cutting the fruit the last of the pancakes was being flipped. "Can I have one know?", she asked with a fake pout to her lips and big eyes staring at me. I could barely hold in a laugh before I told her she would have to wait. She walked over and placed her arms and legs around me suggestively. I was beginning to waver. "I'm sure we could work out an agreement", she breathed into my ear, making me shiver and not because it was cold. "Fine", I relented," but only because if you keep acting like this I'm not sure this zipper will hold. She looked down and blushed then grabbed a plate and a stack of pancakes and sat at the counter. As soon as she started to dig in I came over with a plate full of pancake and fruit and ate with her. When we were done we tossed our plates into the sink and went outside to check the weather. The breeze was getting stronger and colder so we knew it was going to get pretty bad. I laid back on the couch on the porch and just relaxed, glad to be off. Sheila surprised me by pouncing on my chest and snuggling into my chest. "Aren't you disappointed that we can't surf?", I asked, curios as to why she wasn't let down. "Kinda", she said with a slight frown, her eyebrows furrowing and the corners of her mouth turning down. "But I get to sit here on the porch of our house with my amazing boyfriend, plus my board is definitely not as comfy as you." With a contented sigh I leaned my head into her shoulder and closed my eyes. Enjoying the feel of the cool breeze on my neck, the crash of the waves lulling me into a sense of serene peace, the cry of the gulls before the storm hits, and the smell of Sheila's hair which smelled like coconuts. This was life. This was what I had wanted for so many years and now it was my life.
He puts down the bottle long enough to pick up her picture. As he looks at it, tears start to drip down his face and onto the floor. Regret and disgust fill him as he throws the bottle across the room, smashing against a wall. He grabs his board and goes outside into the pouring rain. He makes his way to the ocean. As he looks out across the empty expanse of water he knows this will be his last. Waves crash over him as he paddles through the water. He sees a tube form and prepares to drop in. Just as he enters the tube, everything is clear. Just as he registers how amazing this moment is the wave breaks and drags him under. As he struggles for breath, his body convulsing he knows he'll see her again. 
It's one of those nights. The kind of night where every single bad thought, worry and dread enter your head and just won't leave. One of those nights where the only thing that could drive the thoughts away are someone to hold in your arms. To tell you there is nothing to worry about and everything will be okay. Someone who can curl up with you and just fall asleep with them in your arms. Where their presence just makes everything peaceful and relaxing. That's what I need right now and that's what I don't have.


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